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Nanjing NingKai instrument CO.,LTD is committed to glass reaction kettle (high pressure) and form a complete set of refrigeration heating temperature controlling system, ultrasonic cell crushing machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, high (low) temperature constant temperature trough and other laboratory equipment development, production and trade of science and technology entities.


The company has several in reaction kettle, high and low temperature, temperature control system, has the rich experience of high-quality ultrasound equipment design and development team. Based on market and customer demand as the guide, technology as the center, using the international advanced technology innovation constantly, in the wake of market, meet market demand.


The company products are widely used in life science, chemistry, material science, environmental protection. such as scientific research, has been admitted to Peking University, Tsinghua university, Nanjing university, Tianjin university and the Chinese academy of sciences institute of many universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical factory.


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